MyAhtna Security

We take the security and protection of your private information very seriously. Because of this, when using MyAhtna:

  • Your identity is validated according to industry standards
  • Strong passwords are enforced
  • Confirmation messages are sent to your email account for any changes made to your information using MyAhtna
  • ­Communications and information are encrypted using industry-standard technology: HyperText Transfer Protocol with Secure Socket Layer, or HTTPS. HTTPS is a protocol used by Web servers to transfer encrypted data over the Web securely. Basically, encryption scrambles the contents so they can only be read by someone with the right encryption key to unscramble them.

You have a responsibility to keep your information secure as well. Here are some things you can do to protect your confidential information:

Each time you sign into MyAhtna, verify that the URL (the website address) begins with "https:" before inputting your password.
Your MyAhtna password is private and should not be shared with anyone. Please protect your MyAhtna account by not writing your password down and by keeping it confidential. If someone knows your email address and has your MyAhtna password, that individual is able to access your MyAhtna account and make changes to your stock records.

If your password is compromised, please immediately click here to reset it and access your MyAhtna account to ensure no unauthorized changes were made. If you remain concerned, you may also contact Ahtna Shareholder Services to request that your account be locked.
When using MyAhtna, you may receive a pop-up message asking if you wish to save the password for the site. This option is offered via the device (e.g., cell phone) or Web browser you are using, and not MyAhtna. While convenient, we suggest that you do not save your password, and instead select the option "Never for This Website." This means you will have to type your password in each time you access MyAhtna, but it also means that your information will be better protected if you lose your device, or if your device or browser becomes subject to viruses or malware.
Using the same password on multiple sites is risky, because if one of those sites is subject to a data leak or if hackers manage to figure out your password for one site, your access to the other sites is compromised as well.
Make sure to keep your password secure by regularly updating it. Best practices usually recommend that you change your password every three to six months. MyAhtna requires you to create a password that meets standard password strength requirements.
Whenever possible, make sure to use a computer or phone that belongs to you. For example, use of computer kiosks and other public-access computers in libraries or hotels is fine for normal web-browsing; however, providing and changing your personal information (including inputting passwords and user names) from these computers is highly discouraged and may subject your MyAhtna account to hackers.
Using public WiFi is like having a conversation in a public place where others can overhear you. MyAhtna should be accessed only from a secure WiFi—for example, a password-protected WiFi network in your home—instead of using networks provided by coffee shops, hotels, etc.
Keep the computer and phone you use to access MyAhtna protected by keeping it up-to-date (e.g., install software patches, version updates, Windows updates, anti-virus protection and software updates for applications like Java, Adobe Acrobat, Flash and other programs that you commonly use). Using a current web browser and installing and keeping anti-virus and anti-spyware software also helps to prevent unauthorized access to your MyAhtna account.
If you leave your phone or computer unattended while logged into MyAhtna, others are able to make changes to your stock records. Although MyAhtna will automatically log you out if you have been inactive for 30 minutes, your private information will be more secure if you log out of MyAhtna and close the browser window if you get interrupted or are done using it. To log out, click the "Log off" link at the top right of the screen.
Confirmation messages are sent to your MyAhtna email account for any changes made to your information using MyAhtna. In addition to making sure that the email address on file for your account remains accurate, be sure to read any confirmation messages that are sent to you and to also log into MyAhtna to periodically review your information. If you have questions about anything, contact Ahtna Shareholder Services.
You are solely responsible for maintaining the privacy and security of all information printed from MyAhtna.

How to Contact Ahtna Shareholder Services

Ahtna Shareholder Services staff are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Alaska time and may be reached at:
(907) 822-3476
If you reach voice mail or send an email, be sure to include your full name, as it appears on your Ahtna records, along with a good contact number so that staff may follow-up with you by phone. Tsin’aen!

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